The Tampa Bay Martial Arts Group – Florida

Baranoff Park, 2nd Avenue North, Safety Harbor, Florida, United States, 34695



Dates, Schedule and intervals

Every Sunday 09:00 - 11:00 am

We are a group of similarly-minded martial artists from various external and internal styles who enjoy training together under a very large and old oak tree in Safety Harbor, FL.

Our first get together under the magnificent oak in Safety Harbor was on January 22, 2012.

The three original members who met this day are Ken, Martin, and Zephin. Since then the group has grown and we regularly have 15+ participants on a weekly basis, some of whom travel 2-4 hours to train with us. The original intent was to practice Push Hands (tui shou)together, but the group has grown beyond these bounds into some very interesting training. We have been practicing push hands, sticky hands, sensing hands, chi sao, self-defense techniques, partner drills, and a variety of other exciting martial arts practices. We do has been fixed-step, restricted-step, and free style push hands and even some light sparring.

We are primarily interested in practicing Push Hands and other two-person martial arts exercises (like chi sao from Wing Chung, or partner forms) including self-defense techniques. We prefer to train with other experienced martial artists with diverse training backgrounds.

We are not interested in training or anything that requires equipment or mats, although we may at some point do some light sparring and use boxing gloves or MMA gloves. We are interested in training with martial artists with a variety of backgrounds including: Karate, Aikido, Tae kwon do, Kali-Escrima, Krav Maga, as well as any other martial arts styles. Some knowledge of Tai Chi Chuan or another internal/soft style is useful, as the bulk of what we are doing is “Push Hands / Sensing Hands”.

We train Sunday mornings 9:00-11:00 am.

We get together in Baranoff Park, which is a passive park located just outside the doors of the Safety Harbor Library. This park features the historically registered Baranoff Oak Tree which is a Grand Tree: 300-500 year old Live Oak.
Free parking is on 2nd Street North or in the library parking lot.
It can get quite warm and we train vigorously. It is recommended that you bring your own Gatorade, water, or some other drink to re-hydrate during and after training.
There is a MAP to where we play on our CONTACT PAGE.

After training, we visit the Starbucks across the street or another local venue to relax, chat, and plan future events.

The Tampa Bay Martial Arts Group hosts two martial arts retreat a year (Spring and Fall) and we have had over 70 participants at these for a weekend of training and fun.

At times there is someone either taking pictures of, or filming, our training. These pictures and/or video may or many not be posted to the internet in some fashion by the people who participate.
It is almost certain that pictures and video of our training will be posted to this website.

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