Saturday morning class – Melbourne

Coburg, Victoria, Australia, 3058

Practical Tai Chi Chuan Melbourne


Intervalls and dates

Every Saturday 10:30 - 12:30

Training in all aspects of Practical Tai Chi Ch'uan, open to all levels. Classes typically cover a mixture of
- "Gong" training: a wide range of drills, stretches, balance exercises, posture work and so on
- Push hands (Tui shou): two-person hands-on training drills to develop sensitivity and evasion
- Applications: martial arts techniques, from a basic level (understanding hand form techniques) to more advanced (including self-defense and full-contact training)
- Hand forms: the iconic exercise form that everyone associates with Tai chi chuan
- Weapons forms and applications: traditional chinese weapons - sword, sabre and spear

Wear loose comfortable clothes, flat shoes, waterproofs for outdoor classes, water.

Fees & payments - standard class fees are $20 per class. If you have financial constraints, then donations can be made - please inform us. To make any payments, details on

You may sign up to our Google Classroom. Joining the Google Classroom will get you updates, links to teaching material of various kinds, and the chance to communicate with students and teachers. Join with the class code ytj7c3o - you will need to go to google classroom ( ), click the ‘Go to Classroom’ link and then sign in or create a google account (it does not have to be a gmail account, just use whatever email you normally use). Then click the + button in the top right corner to join a class with the code above.

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