Push Hands workshop – Höör

Höör, Höör, Skåne County, Sweden

Karl Bergfors



Dates and Schedules

20 Nov. 2022, 13.00-17.00

During an intense and fun afternoon, we will explore and develop Push Hands, or Tui Shou as it is also called. The focus is on communication and helping each other to gain insight and skill. The workshop is one of several in a series and it is possible to participate once or participate continuously for increased insight and skill.

We will work with:
Center and body alignment
Listening in interaction (Ting)
Yielding and transforming
Reject (Peng)
Issuing energy
Fixed step pushing
Selected Tai Chi Yang style applications
Push Hands “drills”
Although the basis is Tai Chi, this workshop is also suitable for others who are interested and have a relevant background. The workshop is open to all levels and we will stick to relaxed  training without aggressive elements. The purpose is to help your partner to learn, while you learn yourself.
Cost: SEK 400 including VAT

Karl Bergfors


My name is Karl Bergfors and I have been passionate about practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong for almost 30 years, especially for Tung Kai Ying , one of the world's foremost traditional Tai Chi masters, and Klas Larsson at the Swedish Tai Chi Institute . I have a diploma in acupuncture according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from Louis Womack at the Southern School of Chinese Medicine. I have been a judge in Tai Chi at both the Swedish Open and the European Open. I have participated in many international workshops and training camps.

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