Push Hands Meetup – Moorpark

College View Park, College View Avenue, Moorpark, California, United States, 93021

Ventura County Taichi Qigong



Intervalls and dates

Every Friday  13:05 - 14:05



Push Hands is the unique Taichi exercise to practice the yin and yang movements of our body. Learn to move effortlessly, yet powerfully.

Many Chinese martial arts, including Taiji, Xingyi, Bagua, and more, have a form of push hand that they practice. No matter what your background is or how long you have been practicing, you're welcome to come to this event. It'll be a good opportunity to meet other people who are also interested in refining their skill.

We are a casual group that get together each Friday to chat, practice, and play. Push hands is the emphasis but we also practice qigong and some self defense techniques. The agenda is informal and depends on the interests of attendees. Think of it as a ballroom dance club where you meet and practice what each other are interested in.

Beginners are welcome. Beginners may also be interested in checking out our meetup - Taichi Awakening - which teaches many of the foundations of push hands practice.

Some videos of push hands:

Gentle Push Hands


Power testing Push Hand


Bagua Push Hand


There is a $10 suggested donation for his meetup. But in these challenging times, we welcome your company, whatever your ability to contribute may be.

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