Contact us to add your event

We are preparing the possibility to create an account and add and manage your events by yourself. For the moment please contact us and we will add your event:

Please provide: 

  • Event banner picture (1920x1080 or 960x540 or 672x378 or 576x324) 
  • Organiser portrait picture (570x570 or 286x285 or 180x180 or 120x120)


  • Teacher(s) portrait 

if you don’t have pictures of that sizes you can give the ones you have and they will be cropped using these ratios.

  • Event Title
  • Event Description text (any size)
  • Organiser Name and contact (phone and/or email)
  • Event Website
  • Days, schedules and intervals for recurring events
  • Dates and schedules for one-time events
  • Location


  • Teacher(s) Name(s) and small biography(ies)